We Supply Personal Protective Equipment to Frontline Workers

Order PPE face masks and hand sanitizer stations from our company in New Iberia & Lafayette, LA

Doctors, nurses and essential workers are at the greatest risk during a pandemic, and a PPE shortage makes matters worse. To protect frontline workers in the New Iberia & Lafayette, LA area and help slow the spread of coronavirus, Additive Solution LLC is now producing PPE face masks, polycarbonate shields and hand sanitizer stations.

Contact us today at (337) 577-4858 to place your order.

Why choose Additive Solution?

Why choose Additive Solution?

We take pride in our fast turnaround times, long-distance service and cost-effective products. You might be surprised by how much money you save when you purchase our...

  • Affordable PPE face masks
  • Refillable hand sanitizer stations
  • Crack-proof polycarbonate shields

Our licensed and insured team can install custom safety shields at your school, grocery store or workplace. Order the PPE supplies you need from our company in New Iberia & Lafayette, LA today.