Digitize Objects of Any Shape or Size

Use a Peel 3d scanner in New Iberia or Lafayette, LA

Large or oddly shaped objects aren't easy to digitize or scan. Luckily, Additive Solution LLC is a certified and authorized dealer for Peel 3d scanners in the New Iberia and Lafayette, LA areas. Our 3D scanners can capture models or real-world objects and recreate them in a digital space.

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How can you use our Peel 3d scanner?

How can you use our Peel 3d scanner?

The Peel 3d scanner has a wide range of uses for many different industries. If you're wondering how this device can help you optimize your business, we've got you covered. We can use our 3D scanner to:

  • Scan objects and design blueprints for 3D printing
  • Digitize organic shapes, including the human body
  • Digitally recreate 3D objects for engineering software
These handheld, mobile scanners can digitize any object and are safe for human use. Additionally, they are compatible with a wide range of CAD software, tools and functions.

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