Protect Your Staff and Guests With Hand Sanitizer Stations

Turn to our company for PPE supplies in New Iberia & Lafayette, LA

We may not know everything about the novel COVID-19, but we do know that hand sanitizer slows down the spread of the virus. You can keep your place of business safer with hand sanitizer stations. Additive Solution LLC will install convenient and easy-to-use stations within your facility in New Iberia & Lafayette, LA.

Contact our team at (337) 577-4858 for PPE supplies. Since there's a shortage in hand sanitizer across the nation, we'll also supply the sanitizer so you don't have to fight for the last bottle.

Don't let the pandemic stop your business

Don't let the pandemic stop your business

Whether you're operating a school or managing a facility in New Iberia or Lafayette, LA, you need to set up hand sanitizer stations. This not only keeps your staff, patrons and students protected, but it also keeps your business running. Several establishments have had to close their doors due to unhealthy conditions. Investing in top-quality PPE supplies, like hand sanitizer stations, is an excellent way to remain in business despite the pandemic.

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