90 Day Protection

We offer a 24/7 solution to help keep business workspaces virus-free during this current outbreak and provide mitigation for dealing with future airborne disease issues. We can offer more than a single, one-time kill layer of protection. Our proprietary Protective Shield technology offers 24/7 antimicrobial surface protection for up to 90 days, facilitating the return indoors and getting people back to work as safely as possible.

Disinfecting a surface only kills microorganisms until the product is dry. Once an employee or customer returns to the area, it is contaminated again. With my product's application, you will have an antimicrobial kill layer that is good 24/7 for up to 90 days. This makes our service extremely cost-effective, creating substantial savings of both time and money. This product can be applied to all fleet vehicles. We will also address your HVAC system to kill microorganisms currently living in it and any that pass through it, not just filter them out. This process further protects against airborne disease spread. We can retest the treated surfaces at 30 and 90 days to ensure the antimicrobial barrier's continued effectiveness. Your business will receive a window certification to display on all buildings treated, which can provide added peace of mind for your customers and employees.

I look forward to sitting and talking with you this week about what Additive Solution LLC can do for you.

This is a video from the manufacturer of the product we use

Four major education institutions have separately recorded ZERO Covid cases within their facilities, having applied PRO-Techs antimicrobial surface protection between August - December 2020 despite thousands of students and staff attending campuses and interacting with hundreds of surfaces throughout their normal daily routine. While acknowledging that PRO-Techs is not granting a public health claim, nor does it guarantee that people may not get sick, it is obvious that PRO-Techs technology has played a critical role in achieving a clean, safe and healthy environment. Accordingly, all four institutions have committed to PRO-Techs re-application for 2021.

I'm attaching testimonials from 2 of these 4 institutions for reference.

These institutions are (feel free to reach out to the below-mentioned references):
Fayette County School District
13 schools 20 buildings 1.1M sq. ft.
6,000 students
Director of Operations: Tim Payton

Mercer County School Board of Education
27 schools 38 buildings 2.3M sq. ft.
9,200 students
Director of Procurement: Leslie Wellman

Beaufort County Community College
1 College @ 12 buildings
1,547 students
Director of Operations: Jason Squires

Charlotte Christian
1 School 21 buildings 220k sq. ft.
1,046 students
CFO: Terry Efird

Noting PRO-Techs is delivering the below major benefits within the education sector:

Ultimate Protection: a residual kill surface protection to kill microorganisms in-between current cleaning and disinfection protocols (most schools are applying it every 30-days)

Cost Savings: most of the schools reduced their daily frequency of cleaning and disinfection once PRO-Techs was applied down to a single disinfection cycle (major reduction in expenses)

Environment: schools are pleased to observe the level of toxicity reduced once the multiple disinfection cycles were reduced to once with PRO-Techs applied especially given the non-toxic nature of PRO-Techs

Technology: schools were most nervous applying toxic disinfectant on technology equipment (keyboards, monitors, mice, etc.) and happy to see PRO-Techs doing the work instead

Education: valuable instructional time was gained when in-between classes cleaning was reduced to once per day with PRO-Techs protection coating.